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Triple Play Sports

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What does a workout entail?  What does Triple Play Sports focus on developing?

​How can Triple Play Sports Help Your Team?

Our workouts are structured differently depending on the age of the athlete and the physical development of the athlete.  For our athletes ages 9-12, we focus our workouts on core strength and upper body strength.  Most of the workouts involve heavy ab work as well as push-ups.  This stage also helps in developing mental toughness rather than seeing huge gains in strength.  For our athletes 12 and up, we have a very balanced workout routine involving all aspects of the body.  We work core, shoulders, legs, endurance, explosive box jumps, and mental toughness.  These workouts are made to push athletes and bring out the best in them physically and mentally.

Triple Play Sports can help take your team to the next level!  We offer packages that involve just our space and also packages where our two qualified trainers help with every aspect of your off-season development!  Our trainers can assist your team in getting stronger, more explosive, and better in their baseball skills.  

When a member comes in to the facility, they complete a structured workout and then finish the session working on baseball in the indoor facility.  This is the only membership program in the Omaha metro that prides itself on not just offering space! We structure all aspects of your players' development and strive to give them the best opportunity to achieve their goals!

​What does an individual or family member do when they come in?